myKaZooTV offers fun and easy April Fool’s Day pranks for families!

April Fool’s Day is the one time of year when mischievous little children (and their parents) can pull harmless pranks on each other, just for fun. Now, I know that not everyone is a fan of April Fool’s Day. In fact, not everyone at myKaZooTV is crazy about April Fool’s Day. This is why it is important to be respectful of people as you plan your April Fool’s pranks, making sure whatever prank you pull is fun and funny and not at all hurtful or mean. For instance, I love April Fool’s Day pranks but I would never ever pull a prank on my bosses at myKaZooTV! I’m pretty sure I know the outcome, and it wouldn’t be pretty. However, I may pull a prank or two on some of the other myKaZooTV staff – as long as I could be sure they wouldn’t get me back!

When I was growing up, I loved April Fool’s Day. My three sisters, older brother and I would wreak havoc around our house. Sometimes, our parents would even join in on the fun and trick us back. Of course there is the classic April Fool’s prank of greasing up doorknobs with vaseline. This one can get frustrating when someone really has to get into the bathroom! We also tied a rubber band around the spray nozzle on the kitchen sink so that whoever turned on the faucet would get doused in water. Trust me, once my mom got doused in water, this prank was banned from our house for life!

Another fun April Fool’s prank you can do (which is less likely to frustrate or annoy) is to use a little bit of food coloring to dye the milk in your fridge. Use a few squirts of yellow dye and just a hint of green dye and your milk will look as though it’s gone bad! However, you’ll have to fess up to the crime before mom or dad actually throws the milk away. This is a prank we did for a few April Fool’s Days before everyone started catching on and ignoring the food coloring.

But enough about how my family celebrated this bizarre holiday, here is a list of myKaZooTV-approved April Fool’s pranks to try with your family:

1. Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and see how many people try to pick it up! (Note: don’t leave the quarter there, after April Fool’s Day, pry the quarter up so as not to litter)

2. Put a whoopee cushion under your couch cushions and let em rip!

3. Switch the salt & sugar in the salt and sugar shakers (Your family will be in for a sweet – or salty – surprise!)

4. Set a bunch of alarms for different times and then hide them all over the house (This could really drive someone crazy! Make sure the alarms are not set for too early in the morning, especially if mom or dad have to get up early for work.)

5. Short sheet your sibling’s bed! (Pull the flat sheet up to the top of the bed and tuck under the mattress. Then, take the bottom part of the sheet and fold it up, so it looks like the regular sheet. Cover with another blanket or comforter. When your brother or sister tries to get into bed, they won’t be able to straighten their legs!)

Of course it’s fun to play pranks on your family members but please keep in mind that you love them. You don’t want them to be mad at you until the next April Fool’s Day and we at myKaZooTV don’t want them to be mad at us either! You know when you’re going too far, so only play April Fool’s pranks that you know your mom, dad, sister or brother would find funny and not harmful. From all of us at myKaZooTV, make sure to have a safe and fun April Fool’s Day – and be prepared to clean up after yourself!

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