Silly Words Make Serious Music!

And a Huh Uh, and a Huh Uh, and a Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh! Can you picture a little girl jumping rope and chanting these fun words? Well one day, I was listening to a recording from the 1940’s and every time the girl would jump over the rope she would say “And a Huh Uh”. That old recording inspired me to write a song about jumping, and I gave it the title, “Huh Uh”. It was really awesome hearing the sounds of that little girl jumping rope, singing, and playing outside so long ago! It made me wonder what it would be like to live back in the 1940’s. Wow!

Back in the 1940’s, about 70 years ago, my grandmother was a singer on the radio. Everyone said she sounded like Ella Fitzgerald, who was an amazing Jazz singer. Jazz singers and jazz musicians like to make up the music as they go. This is called, “improvising”. Ella Fitzgerald could make her voice sound like a musical instrument called the saxophone. She mastered a special kind of singing called “scatting”. Scatting is when you imitate a musical instrument with your voice and use silly words like “skee-bop doobie-do wah”. Scatting or scat was invented by accident. A great musician named Louie Armstrong was singing a song in a club one night. He had the words to the song in front of him on a music stand. All of a sudden, the music stand fell over and the paper with the words on it flew away. Louie Armstrong started to make up silly words because he didn’t know the real words to the song! Ha Ha. That’s how scat began!

Back in the 1940’s most people listened to the radio when they wanted to listen to music, or they would play “records” on a record player. People didn’t have iPods, cell phones, or cds to listen to music. In fact, people didn’t even have computers or video games! Can you imagine that?

Video games, iPods, cell phones and computers are all amazing inventions to play with indoors, but now that Spring is here, I am so excited to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  The grass is getting greener and flowers of all different colors are beginning to blossom and the buds on the trees are beginning to grow into leaves. The next time you go outside take a look around you and notice all of the beautiful things that happen in nature!

In the Spring, I like to play basketball with my friends in the playground. It is so much fun when you swish the ball through the hoop! There are so many things you can do outside. You can play games like hopscotch, tag, whiffle ball, and even jumping rope! And guess what? People played all of those games in the 1940’s too. So even though people’s lives were different seventy years ago, many things are still the same. People still love to enjoy the beautiful weather, and play games outdoors and kids and even grown-ups still like to make up silly words. Some things never change. And a Huh Uh and a Huh Uh and a Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh!

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