Spring Cleaning! (Tips and Tricks from myKaZooTV)

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I’m told I’m not like most people. I absolutely love cleaning. For me, cleaning is cathartic. Seeing a clean surface or an organized closet not only lowers my anxiety level, it helps me to clear my mind and be more effective in area of my life. Now, I am well aware that many people do not feel the same way. In fact, I’ve even been told that the way I organize the clothes in my closet by color, fabric, pattern and length is well… “stressful.” Don’t worry, I won’t push a military-style cleaning regime on you. But I think we can all agree that there is a time and a place when cleaning becomes necessary. And with a change in the weather, spring time is the perfect time to get it done! Here at myKaZooTV we’d like to offer tips and tricks to help make this year’s Spring Cleaning stress-free.

First, music is key. I never start a cleaning session without music. At myKaZooTV we have tons of safe, fun and upbeat tunes to dance to while you clean. In fact, our myKaZooTV music is so much fun you may want to encourage the whole family to get into the cleaning spirit! I would recomend starting with Gotta Get Up by the Sugar Free Allstars. This is an upbeat, catchy song that will get you motivated to get up and get cleaning. To get your kids excited about cleaning, you may also try The Clean Up Song by Miss Gabby.

Now that you’ve got your myKaZooTV music on, the real fun can begin. (Feel free to insert “work” in place of the word “fun.”) Only tackle one room at a time. If you think about the larger picture of everything that needs to be done in your house, you may lose your motivation. Let’s say you choose to start in the bathroom. I like to remove everything from the bathroom and do all the scrubbing first. Scrub down the shower with a foaming cleanser, clean the mirrors and windows with window cleaner and paper towels. Then wipe down the sink, counters and outside the toilet bowl. Finally, use either the foaming cleanser again or a toilet-specific cleaner to scrub the inside of the toilet with a wand brush. Once all the scrubbing is done, you can replace the towels, mats, trash can and accessories back to their original positions. The bathroom’s sparkly clean appearance should motivate you to go into every drawer, nook and cranny and throw away anything you don’t need or use. After that, feel free to organize the items you do still need and use. I like to use plastic containers with drawers to keep things organized underneath my sink.

Oh no, did your myKaZooTV music run out? That’s OK, just go back to the homepage and search for Randy Kaplan. Randy Kaplan has a ton of great, upbeat hits but the one I like for tackling a big cleaning job is his newest hit Ice Cream Man Rag.

Continue cleaning in the same pattern: choose one room at a time, pick up any loose items (laundry, papers, books) and put them away. Then vacuum each room, clean the windows with window cleaner, dust the blinds and bookshelves and wipe off all wood furniture with a good wood polish. Once all of that has been done, return any removed items or furniture back to their places and start organizing the insides of all cabinets, cupboards, closets and bookshelves. It helps to make piles. Separate clothes for example into three piles: “Keep,” “Throw Away,” and “Donate.” The clothes you will keep should be hung up in your closet. (Keep in mind, over-organizing by color, size, shape, brand, etc. is optional.) Clothes you want to throw away should go right into the trash. No second thoughts. Then take the donations and set them aside – either in your car or in the garage. This will help you to remember to actually donate them so you don’t just add a box labeled “donations” to your collection of bedroom furniture. Keep cleaning until you’ve cleared your closets of unnecessary junk. Then, you can try organizing the remaining items with baskets or plastic bins to make things easier to find. I like to use canvas totes with labels so my husband and I can easily find “bathroom items” or “towels” or whatever we’re looking for.

By now it’s probably time for another myKaZooTV music switch. I’d reccomend a big hitter like Yum Yum from Essence Goldman for the next part of the cleaning process. Or you could try Brussels Sprout Shout by Duke Otherwise. Trust me, it’s fitting. We’re moving on to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, the basics are pretty obvious. Do the dishes, wipe down the counters, the stove, the oven, etc. But the part no one likes to tackle? The refrigerator. I’ll be honest, even this part of the Spring Cleaning process can be a little daunting to me. Well have no fear! You have fun myKaZooTV music blasting, your kids and husband helping and a whole heap of motivation after cleaning the rest of the house! You can do it! Start by throwing away any expired or moldy food. Then, set out all of the food in the refrigerator door and wipe it down until it’s sparkling. Replace the food. Remove the vegetable crisper and the fruit drawer and either scrub them in the kitchen sink, or if it’s really bad, take them outside and hose them down. Next, take each shelf out one by one and wash it, yes wash it, in the kitchen sink or with the aforementioned hose. You never know what kind of germs can be lurking from poultry, fish and other meat or even from food spills from long ago. So clean them well! Once the interior of the fridge is clean, give the door a quick wipe as well.

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That’s it! You’ve successfully completed your Spring Cleaning. This, I’d say, earns you a little treat. Once you and your family have cleaned up and changed out of your cleaning clothes, get cozy on the couch and turn on the myKaZooTV video show! When you go to the myKaZooTV homepage, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and find the “My Shows” button. Click on it and you’ll see several options to choose from. If you have very young children, you’ll want to choose the myKaZooTV Wee-Kazoo show. The myKaZooTV Wee-Kazoo video show is specifically crafted to engage children under three years old. If you have older children, choose the myKaZooTV video show. Here you’ll find hours of fun, free, safe, curated and entertaining videos from well known children’s artists like Lisa Loeb, Sukey Molloy, Farmer Jason, Zak Morgan, Barry G and so many more! Some of our myKaZooTV videos will make you laugh and some will make you think. In some cases, they may make you want to get up and dance again! If you still have energy, go for it! Whatever videos you end up watching on myKaZooTV, enjoy them! You deserve a nice long break after accomplishing this year’s Spring Cleaning.

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