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Zak Morgan’s grandfather used to spin silly rhymes and stories, and his penchant for wordplay had a profound effect on his later career as a top children’s recording artist and entertainer. The Kenyon College graduate worked at a dude ranch in Wyoming, where he entertained children and at night he performed for family audiences. There, the seeds of his career as a children's performer were planted. In 1995 Morgan moved to New York City to work for Recorded Books, Inc., a leading publisher of audio books. There, Morgan combined his humor, musical talents and expertise in children's literature and began writing the songs for his first CD, Bloom (1999). His debut album was met nationally with rave reviews and prestigious awards. His 2003 release When Bullfrogs Croak was nominated for a GRAMMY. He then released a DVD, ZakLand, in 2007, and a concept album about the Golden Rule, The Candy Machine, in 2011. His first release with myKaZoo Music is The Barber of the Beasts, featuring artwork by C.F. Payne and guest artist Bootsy Collins among others.

Zak Morgan performs more than 200 shows a year, using music, magic, theater and comedy to encourage children to read books and exercise their imaginations. His unrestrained stage presence always leaves a lasting impression. For more information and the latest news, visit www.mykazoomusic.com, and www.zakmorgan.com